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Rules governing the rural tourism accommodation at Riudecòs Farm:

Cal Masover, a house authorised by the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of Catalonia, No PG-000378
Les Golfes, a house authorised by the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of Catalonia, No PG-000379
El Molí de Riudecòs (Riudecòs Mill), a house authorised by the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of Catalonia, No PG-000586

The time of entering the apartment is 18:00 and the apartment must be vacated by 11:00, unless another arrangement is reached with the owners.
Pets are not permitted.
Smoking and eating are not permitted in bedrooms.
Rubbish may not be disposed of down the toilet. Use the waste paper baskets.
To ensure the enjoyment of all guests, disco-type parties are not permitted. The volume levels of all music/radio/TV must remain low.
Riudecòs Farm practices selective waste collection. You will find different containers for different types of waste, to separate: glass, paper, plastics/metals and other waste. Please collect your cigarette butts.
Guests are responsible for cleaning the apartment as no daily cleaning service is provided.
You must leave the accommodation in a suitable state of cleanliness. Treat the furnishings with care. If you discover damage, notify the owners (you may have to pay for damage).
Take great care with the barbecue. On some days its use is prohibited due to fire risk.
Also take care with the fireplace. You must leave the fire extinguished and keep furniture well away.
Be careful with the intensity of the fire on the barbecue and in the fireplace.
You may not light candles or ignite any device with an open flame or heat source.
Beware of the river level rising in the event of heavy rains.
You must save water, energy, firewood, heating and all non-essential resources.
Responsibility for legal minors remains with their parents or guardians.
You must check with the owners regarding the availability of day sitters.
The owners reserve the right to enter the premises at all times.
The booking shall be effective on deposit of the part agreed upon of the total amount of the stay. The balance must be paid when leaving the apartment. Payments by card are not accepted.
Riudecòs Farm undertakes no responsibility for one-off problems arising from electronic devices, electrical appliances, coverage and emission signals for mobile phones and television.
The owners will inform you of any of the preceding points that are not respected or complied with and will not be permitted.
Enjoy yourselves and respect the premises.

Thank you for everything. Have a great stay!


This installation provides no rescue or lifesaving service, or pool surveillance.
It is prohibited for minors under the age of 14 to enter unaccompanied by a responsible adult.
The entrance gate must always remain shut and locked after entering or exiting the enclosure.
The towels provided in the house may not be used for the pool.
You may not enter wearing street footwear, or play ball on the grassed area.
You must respect other bathers.
Avoid splashing water from the pool onto the grass as it is detrimental to the lawn.
Above all behave in a suitable way to enjoy the facilities to the maximum while at the same time, exercising caution.
It is prohibited to swim at night.
The owners reserve the right to prohibit use of the facilities if these rules of behaviour are not observed.

Thank you for your collaboration!



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