Forest exploitation

Activity of our ancestors that has been passed down from generation to generation

Riudecòs has been a country house which has taken profit of the natural resources, agriculture and cattle to subsist through its history.

Nowadays, even though it may sound strange, the exploitation of natural resources it is still the main activity that is carried on in the country house, now shared with the rural tourism service.

The variety of vegetation in the area: chestnut trees on the umbrias, holm oaks and cork oaks on the sunny places, poplars, alders and plane trees on the banks and pines in the old farming fields, enable us to use their wood to make sticks, paper pulp, furniture or wood to be used in the fireplace which is every time used less and less.

However, one of the most extraordinary activities now is the cork striping.
And, it’s maybe because of this history that links men with vegetation, which makes our love for these forests be so important. So, enjoy them a lot and respect them too.

Below you can see old and recent photos of rural activity around the Riudecòs farmhouse.

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